Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Few Definitions

Often when we talk on the Internet it is easy to misunderstand what a person means or says.  This is probably because we humans often watch each other's faces when speaking to each other and that is really hard to do when the other person is simply words on a page. 

So I thought I would put out a few definitions for the way I see things.  These may not be everyone else's definitions but then again, I was never big on letting even a dictionary tell me how to think.  LOL   These are just how I see some of the different topics I may talk about from time to time.

First would be the difference between homesteaders, preppers, and survivalists.

Homesteaders are people who are living a life that is more self sufficient than most.  They raise much of their own food and medicine, have many skills that take care of their loved ones and themselves, don't rely on stores for much, and if the world changes around them they can take or leave those changes.  Basically these are people who are living a chosen lifestyle of self reliance.  They may or may not be doing this because they worry about the future.  Most don't worry as much about the future as the general population because they already know how to take care of themselves.

A prepper is a regular person with a regular job and a regular house that feels that something in the future may turn out badly.  They put aside extras for emergencies and set up many things so if something bad happens they are ready for it as best possible.  They do this all while living like most other people do.  Instead of buying a big screen TV though they may put up extra food stores or buy a generator.  These people are usually not caught off guard by a natural disaster or any disturbance in the man made infrastructure.

A survivalist is a person who believes that something has or will be happening for the very worst.  They often do not stop with simple natural disasters but believe that it is possible that the whole of civilization could collapse.  For these people off grid living is just the beginning.  They are learning or know skills that will let them disappear into the wilds as society is falling apart at the seems.  These are people who are comfortable living separated TOTALLY from society.  They aren't thinking of growing their own food but of hunting and gathering it.

For me I think many people have some of all these qualities in them.  Such as I live the life now as a homesteader, but I also prepare for any natural or man made disaster that might come.  While I never want to live totally away from society, I was raised gathering a great deal of my food and medicine from the wilds.  I am more t home in a canoe on a hidden river than I am in a car on the interstate.  We all kind of mix and match these three concepts to what makes us feel comfortable.  Many people are not comfortable in moving out to the country away from their jobs, family and friends but they enjoy a more urban homesteading life.  Everyone does what they feel is best for their family and themselves.

The other two terms I use are pagan and pantheist and I may not fit into what most people think of as the first. 

Pagan to me is anyone who's spirituality is outside of the Abrahamic religions usually I see them as nature or earth centered.  Some people feel that pagan means a person must worship multiple gods.  This is not my definition as I do not believe in any gods though I respect those that do.  I always say I was just not born with the "belief" gene.  I'm just ornery enough not to believe in anything I can not confirm with my senses.  LOL

A pantheist is a person who believes that the universe is what is sacred.  These people find all things to be sacred even the things that they may not like.  This doesn't mean they have to accept all things passively.  I can find another's person need to steal my stuff as their sacred need, however, I don't need to accept it and I plan on blowing their head off if they break into my house.  After all, I have my sacred needs as well and I plan on protecting them.

I may add to this list as I realize that my definitions may not be the same as everyone elses.  This way maybe I won't be quite so confusing when I write.  It's always best when we try to communicate to each other that we actually do communicate.  If we don't, why even bother putting out the energy?

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