Monday, February 13, 2012

4 Wheel Drive Does Not Make a Driver Invincible

My aunt, who lives outside the valley, sent me this picture of what is happening right now.  It never fails, we get a bit of snow and some four wheel drive SUV is found on its roof.  It's like people can not figure out that the extra 7 seconds they save by driving fast is NOT worth the chance.  At least it is an ambulance at the scene, not the coroner.   I can do nothing but shake my head.  Slow down, smell the roses.  It just may save your life.

This is me being Pi$$y.  Sorry for the rant.  I hope the driver is okay and that when they are, their insurance goes through the roof so they can't drive anymore.  That might save us all.


  1. Mm, mm. Very scary stuff. Why is it some folks feel so invincible when they get behind the wheel?

  2. It is scary stuff...especially those who race through town, weaving in and out of traffic only to arrive at the stoplight the same time everyone else about Karma in action, lol.