Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring fever is really setting in today.  I want green plants and gardens and new calves and goslings and baby chicks and...  So I went down to the apiary and checked on the bees.  They are all doing really well except this one.  I could see the frost before I even opened the hive.  I thought, no way did they make it.  Frost is a death sentence for bees in the winter.  But there they were, buzzing around lookin' good.  I cleaned off the frost and hopefully they didn't get too wet.

I lost some hives to a late season bear earlier in the winter.  It was totally my fault.  I left the gate to the pen open because I thought all the bears had to be in hibernation by then.  Nope, there was one left.  A late season bear is usually a sick, old or under nourished bear that can't go into hibernation because they don't have enough fat stores.  It is the only time I ever worry about them because they are desperate for food at that time.  I never saw the bear though, just the damage he did to a couple hives.

Besides that it looks like all my bees made it through winter with flying colors.  Yay!!!


  1. A shame the bear got some of your bees.. but hey, wonderful some survived! Last I knew my hive was still alive.. I think I will have to feed them when it warms back up though. It was so warm so late in the season, I am sure their stores are low!How many hives you have now? I just have one right now, but plan to add another this year. I love my bees!

    1. Hey, thanks for reading my post. I had to try an experiment with the video. lol

      I have 16 hives right now in two different apiaries. I had three apiaries but the bear did the one in. I'll restart that this year. I'm pretty sure I'll be feeding my bees soon too.

      Yesterday I just had a bad case of spring fever and had to check on them. Today it's cold and snowing again so my spring fever has gone back on the shelf.

  2. With that many hives, you sell honey, then?